Hi, I'm Gokul 👋

I'm glad that you made this far to my website. Now let's talk about me. I started my career as a self-taught UI Developer using HTML, CSS, javascript & PHP. After a few months, I got a chance to work on a Javascript framework and later at some point, I started working on other javascript frameworks like ember, backbone, kendo ui, knockoutjs etc,. In the beginning of my career only, I understood that I liked working on the web a lot.

So I started following my passion and curiosity in the open web, focusing on improving my skills as a web developer. Before even I realized I became an expert in what I was doing and got nominated for Google Developer Expert (GDE). After two discussions with a googler and an existing GDE and a few months of waiting, I became aGoogle Developer Expert for Web Technologies.

As of now, I am continuing my passion towards the web and improving the web by building tools and helping other fellow web developers. Besides coding, I like gaming (COD mobile mostly these days), running, football, traveling and an author, check out my book Beginners guide to web security.

To know more about what I do, follow me in twitter.


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