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  • M1 Macbook Pro.
  • Magic Keyboard & Trackpad.
  • 4k Samsung Monitor 32inch.
  • AmazonBasics Monitor Stand.
  • Airpods Pro 2.

Development Tools:

Code Editor:

Visual Studio Code Editor

Run to get the list of extensions from the Visual Studio Code.



MacOS Apps:

  • Itsycal a minimalist calendar app.
  • Sketch for designing logos, wireframes, and visual designs.
  • Spotify for music and sometimes I hear Tamil podcasts too.
  • Moom - To Move and zoom windows.
  • EasyRes - Fast screen resolution switcher for Mac OS X.

Fun fact: Sometime I design too, check out my dribbble account.


If you want the same setup as mine in your MacBook, go ahead and install my dotfiles.

💅 Features:

  • Oh My Zsh as default terminal shell.
  • Shortcuts & Aliases - All the good stuffs are here.
  • Homebrew for installing mac apps and others via command line.
  • NVM for managing node versions.
  • Yarn for doing fast node modules install, as npm sucks.
  • Z - Jump Around to jump to the frequent folders without a full path.


  • I use Grammarly to catch common and grammatical errors.
  • Apple notes application.

Youtube Channel:

Thanks for reading my post so far, that's all for now. Share your setup and applications you use in your day to day develpoment. If you have any suggestions or a question, tweet or dm me.

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