I‘ve been writing blogs for a while and I‘m good at it. So far I‘ve written more than 50+ articles and some were lost on purpose. Here are my favorite articles, which are also popular among our readers.

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Promise - under the hood

In Javascript, a Promise is an Object which is used to represent the eventual completion/failure of an asynchronous operation.


JSON.stringify() is a method in javascript which converts a value (Eg: Object) to a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) string.

Async await

Async await is a new way to write asynchronous code in javascript. Before async await, we used promises and callbacks.

Event Loop

Event loop in javascript is a concurrent model which is responsible for executing the code.

How redux works?

Redux is a predictable state container for javascript applications which with any UI layered application.

Event Emitter

Event emitters are useful when you want to listen to an event and do something when it happens.


Promise.allSettled returns a promise when all inputs are settled that is either fulfilled or rejected.

Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM otherwise known as VDOM, is a virtual representation of actual DOM (Document Object Model) in the browser.

Custom Spread Operator [...5]

The spread operator is denoted by 3 dots. Basically it takes an iterator and can do copy or expand or concat or merge.


Say we want many promises to execute in parallel and wait until all of them are resolved. Then Promise.all() is our candidate.

Year end review 2019

Last year I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2019. So I thought why not I write a blog post every year-end about what I did throughout the year.

Fix Mojave Rendering Issue

If you have updated your macOS from High Sierra to Mojave, This post contains the fix for some render issue in OS update.

Automate tasks in OSS in 5 mins

DangerJS runs during your CI process, and helps your team to automate certain manual code review tasks.

Prettier - Opinionated Code Formatter

Prettier is an opinionated tool for formatting your code. That's all.

Introduction to GraphQL

GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language for APIs, and a runtime for fulfilling queries with existing data.

Comparison of HTTP and HTTP/2

This comparison blog post is to show why you should move from HTTP to HTTPS etc,

Best Practices for Push Notifications

As the web is moving forward very fast and now we can do almost everything on the web which can be done in native applications (android & iOS)

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility means letting the user navigate and interact with a website by any means. Let it be a keyboard, a mouse or people with disabilities or impairments.

How To Setup Webpack 2

Webpack is module bundler for modern web applications.

CSS4 Selectors

A CSS selector is like patterns which are used to select and style the pattern matching elements.

Web Performance Optimization

An average user stays in your site if the page loads in < 1000ms. In 2014, an average page size is 1.9MB. See the below chart for more stats.

Chrome DevTools

Google chrome is one of the fastest browser around and using chrome devTools for development is simply awesome.